• Moving data from QVD to SQL Server

    I had to move some large data (40GB+) from QVD file format (QlikView/Qlik Sense), into a database (SQL Server). I discuss some of the pitfalls I encountered in this post…

  • Building Chrome Extensions

    Our foster son uses Microsoft Teams on his Chromebook when his school switches to “remote learning” during the pandemic. Here I review the basics of building a Chrome Extension to inject CSS, inject a content script, and review some differences between Chrome Manifest Version 2 (aka MV2) and MV3.

  • Drawing with Wacom Tablet and Inkscape

    I bought a Wacom tablet many years ago, and I wanted to draw with it on my modern laptop (including pressure sensitivity). My Wacom Graphire (ET-0405-U) tablet didn’t work when I plugged in the USB port of my computer (Windows 10, hp EliteBook); here are the steps I needed…

  • Modeling a Water Polo pool

    I’ve been playing water polo with Denver Squid and thinking about ways to improve my game. I think some “virtual water polo” practice might help; but what should a virtual water polo field look like?

  • DIY Leveling Survey

    As a kid I would watch surveyors at their tripods as they carefully calibrated their instruments. Today I learned more about their instruments so I could get make a topographical map of my front yard in Sketchup.