Modeling a sailboat

I’m going to sail the British Virgin Islands with some friends soon. I wanted to learn more about sailing, so I started by trying to model a sailboat…

Learning Sailboat Anatomy

Here are some helpful resources

Sailboat vs Sail

There are many type of sailboats. But a single type of sailboat could have many different types of sail configuration. We will be sailing a Lagoon 42 (more photos here), which is a catamaran (most boats have one part that sits in the water (the “hull”; a “mono-hull”); a catamaran has two parts that sit in the water(“two hulls”)). (I think two hulls makes the catamaran more spacious and saling more stable than a mono-hull.)

I imported the Collada file (.dae extension) of the sailboat model to Sketchfab. Sketchfab also supports .obj extension among other types of import, and Sketchfab supports the .glTF format (“Graphics Language Transmission Format”) (more information on the history of formats and the advantages of the .glTFformat here, where I learned about the Godot 2D/3D game engine!)